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Saturday, January 21

RESTOCKED: Stitch / Scrumpdoll / Domo kun / Marie / Pooh / Rilakkuma / Gloomy Bear / Toy Story Alien Green Man / Spongebob / Elmo Diary Notbook

Disney Stitch Face Cloth Diary/Notebook

Disney Scrumpdoll Face Cloth Diary/Notebook

(Click on image to enlarge)

Domo kun Face Cloth Diary/Notebook

(Click on image to enlarge)

Disney Marie Face Cloth Diary/Notebook

(Click on image to enlarge)

Disney Winnie the Pooh Face Cloth Diary/Notebook

(Click on image to enlarge)

Gloomy Bear Face Cloth Diary/Notebook

(Click on image to enlarge)

Disney Toy Story Alien The Green Man Face Cloth Diary/Notebook

(Click on image to enlarge)

Spongebob Square Pants Face Cloth Diary/Notebook

Sesame Street Elmo Face Cloth Diary/Notebook

Dimension: 16cm(exclude ears)/35cm(include ears) x 13cm
*It's a refillable character face diary/notebook! Cover & notebook can be separated and refill with another whole brand new notebook or diary. Fit all A6 size notebook or diary.
*Made of fury soft touch cloth, with comfortable feel. Comes with a normal plain notebook (without any image) inside and a little bun tail attached as the string bookmark! super cute~

*Pre-order available for sold out ones! Waiting time 2-3weeks!*

*Normal mail: $1.50. Registered mail: $4. Subsequently add $0.50 on top per book *

a) Stitch Face Cloth Notebook [3 instock]
b) Scrump doll Face Cloth Notebook [3 instock]
c) Domo kun Face Cloth Notebook [3 instock]
d) Rilakkuma Face Cloth Notebook [2 instock]
e) Marie Face Cloth Notebook [SOLD OUT]
f) Pooh Cloth Notebook [2 instock]
g) Gloomy Bear Face Cloth Notebook [last 2 instock]
h) Toy Story Alien Green Man Face Cloth Notebook [2 instock]
i) Spongebob Face Cloth Notebook [last piece]
j) Elmo Sesame Street Cloth Notebook [last piece]

@ $13.90 each!  UP: $15.90

We have brought in new design for domo kun, marie, pooh and gloomy bear!
Rilakkuma coming soon!

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